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 Automatic hospital door benefit both the medical institution and the people that go in and out of the premises, especially for the disabled person. electric hospital doors offer more convenience to patients, professionals that work here, and other individuals that visit the establishment.

Operating rooms are specific areas in medical facilities where surgery and ill patient rescue usually happens. Since there are matters of life and death in here, it is highly essentially the operating rooms are equipped with complete medical tools and equipment used during surgery. It is also ultimately imperative that…
Automatic surgery room door is very useful especially in the health care environment. Automatic doors are actually type of doors that doesn't require human intervention or require any bar or handle. Apart from automatic opening, some automatic surgery room door opener can be opened by just simply hitting a certain…
Automatic sliding x-ray door is a kind of a standard feature that is found in most x-ray sections in several hospitals today. This further provides convenience to most patients and doctors. Apart from it, this is constructed along the use of lead shielding to mainly protect both hospital patients and…
Automatic clean room hospital door is a completely redesigned door operator that meets certain special requirements. This is mainly available in a wide array of collections that depend on the criteria of a hospital. Actually, this is regarded as a form of wall partitions that provide the desired privacy. The…
Sliding doors often come in a wide range of design, but usually provide the same privacy and security. With a more advanced technology, power hospital sliding door is upgraded to achieve an evenly futuristic feel. Instead of opening the sliding door by the hand, the present-day technology permits a patient…
An Automatic medical door commonly applies to hospital rooms, but also used in used in electronic workshops and spaces that demand high sealing needs. Automatic medical doors offer high degree of air tight performance. Most automatic medical door has a microcomputer controller combined with hand induction switch or feet induction…
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You are here: Home Products Automatic hospital doors

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