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Automatic Swing Doors (25)

Automatic swing door operators are powerful and suitable for a wide variety of building types, including residential buildings, offices, retail environments, medical facilities, and transit centers. Our operators are designed to enable smooth and safe door opening.  The swing door opener is the perfect hands free professional quality solution for your interior home doors. This device allows anyone who uses a wheelchair, walker or scooter to easily enter and exit interior rooms within their home without the struggle to turn a door knob.

Door closer serves as a vital part of an access for control installation since the door must be closed and re-locked after an authorised operation. As technology advances, doors are also became advanced and more used than the conventional door closer. Automatic Security Door Closer is now become popular rather…
Card Access Entry Systems are great help for securing door facilities. They are systems that control unauthorized people to enter someone's room. Just by simply swiping off your card, you can now entry safely to your door. The swipe cards are a very fastest way to access or enter your…
Opening and closing doors can make or break someone's day. However, nowadays, technology introduces more convenient ways when it comes to problematic doors. One of these is the Push button door openers. It uses a door with a simple press of a button. This is basically how the Push button…
Modern technology has made a 360 degree turn change to people's lives. From the user friendly and cost-effective electronic devices and vast gadgets that are used to get things done in a zap today, there are now automatic pedestrian swing doors. This technology has been designed and thoroughly developed as…
Automatic swing door mechanism is a high-tech and modernized type of operating doors. It is the combination of both safety and pleasure for its users. When you enter big commercial establishments like hotels and malls, you highly expect to have automatic swing door mechanisms, right? Most high-end buildings or shopping…
Is there a member of your family who is disabled or too old to walk? If there is, how do you take care of him? How do you let him know that you love him?A handicapped or an old person is oftentimes dependent on his family. He needs support and…
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