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Electric Window Opener

Product Details

  • Fob Price: US $ 95 - 135 / Set
  • Port: Shanghai or Ningbo
  • Lead Time: 3~15 Days
  • Warranty: 18 Months

The electric window opener is becoming more and more popular to people around the world. This is the most significant thing that a lot of windows have because it gives a lot of benefits. Actually, this opener is available in various designs, styles, and prices. That’s why individuals will have a lot of options. But, they should choose the kind of opener that suits their needs and demands. It is significant for them to do this to avoid mistakes that might cause big problems.

This opener is made of durable and flexible materials. This is why it comes out with impressive features and specifications. It is stated above that this is made of different design and price. Each and every model has its own features and specification that’s why it also comes out in different prices. The materials that are used in this opener are all tough. And it can also provide advantages that will surely get the interest of a lot of people. This is one of the reasons why electric window opener get in demand and popular around the world.

 automatic window opener


electric window opener



  • Decent, elegant exterior design
  • Overload protection, low noise design
  • Using double metal chain design, more stable and smooth operation
  • With optional stainless steel chain
  • A variety of thrust and stroke choices
  • More than 10,000 times tests
  • Maximum Thrust: 600N


The electric window opener is managed by a wall mounted switch rocker, but some of this opener comes out with remote control. This is usually performed through the use of knee joint principle. This is truly significant primarily in pressing the seal of the windows. It opens and closes a certain window without experiencing problems that might cause failure. This has a motor that can perform for about 24 VDC.
For elders and disabled people, their windows should have this opener. With this opener, they will no longer have difficulties in opening and closing their window. This is also the perfect choice for Velux style and other hard to reach windows. It also comes with a control panel that has a hold switch function. In this case, individuals will just press a certain button when they want to open or close their window and after that they can walk away.

With this information regarding electric window opener, many people will have the interest to purchase it. And because it comes out in different models, they should choose the right one that meets their needs and demands. In this way, they can avoid wasting a lot of money and time in choosing the right electric window opener. They will also have the assurance that it will give them a lot of helpful benefits.


Automatic windows opener Technical data:





The push and pull force




Travel distance





8mm / S

7mm / S

7mm / S

Operate power

24V DC

Degree of protection

42 IP

Operating Ambient Temp.

-10° - +70°



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You are here: Home Products Automatic window opener Electric Window Opener

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