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Screw Type Window Opener

Natural ventilation is very important in homes and commercial buildings. This is what the windows are for. There are awning and hung types of windows that allow fresh natural air to gush inside an enclosed room. Opening them requires just a minimum effort but for people with very minimal arm strength like children and elderlies, as well as physical disabled people, this might mean a lot of effort. Also, opening and closing windows can become unsafe for these people. Good thing that a screw type window opener is now available in the market. By simply integrating its mechanisms to the windows, the use of these windows is made easier and more convenient. It also turns a home or commercial building a safer and user friendly place to be in.

Screw Type Window Opener application

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Automatic windows opener Technical data:





The push and pull force




Travel distance





8mm / S

7mm / S

7mm / S

Operate power

24V DC

Degree of protection

42 IP

Operating Ambient Temp.

-10° - +70°

Screw Type Window Opener 2


A screw type window opener is sometimes dubbed as screw jacks because of its configuration and use on conventional residential and commercial buildings. It is made of two small panels where the winder pole and its loop will be attached. One of the panels will be installed on the casement of the awning lid of the window while the other panel is installed on the casement of the window. The latter employs a loop where the winder pole gets into. This pole goes directly into the other panel where a screw will lock it up with the panel through a smaller but equally heavy duty brass bracket. To access the window, the winder pole has a grip where the user can turn. With its precision engineering, this opener needs to further lock to keep the window still. Thus, it makes the window safer and more convenient to use.

Due to its use in both residential and commercial applications, different screw type window opener products are now available in the market. They come in different designs and styles although the general configuration is the same. There are designs that employ a pulley while others have a more ergonomic grip for its handle. There are also some that are made in stainless steel, brass and the lesser in weight alloy. Some are polished while others are buffed for even better appearance. Whichever is chosen to be integrated on a residential or commercial window, a screw type window opener is guaranteed to ensure the effectiveness and safety of the window. This opener will definitely be enjoyed not only by children, elderlies and physically disabled people but everyone who uses the window.


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You are here: Home Products Automatic window opener Screw Type Window Opener

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