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Wrought Iron Gates Opener

Product Details

  • Fob Price: US $ 113 - 173 / Set
  • Warranty: 24 Months
  • Port: Shanghai or Ningbo
  • Lead Time: 3~15 Days

The wrought iron gates opener is made of good and high quality metal with very low carbon for rust free and lifelong persistency. It has very different style too which makes it to unique and beautiful that can add elegance to the accent of the front yard. This is especially so today that some engineers add technology to the gate. It is the gate which automatically opens without human touch because it is operated through a remote control or has a sensor which detects that homeowner cars are approaching because it is operated by assigned personnel in the security without pulling and pushing the gate.


Model SD370  SD550  SD750  SD950 SD1200 
Power supply  110V/220V AC     380V AC
Rated power  370W  550W  750W 950W  1200W 
Torque  18N.M 28N.M   38N.M 48N.M  60N.M
Max. Gate weight  600-800kg  1200kg  1600kg 1800kg   2000kg
Travel speed  14m/min  12m/min  10m/min 9m/min  8m/min
Operating ambient Temp.  -20°~+55°    
Weather-resistance Rate  IP44    


Automatic Industrial Front Door

Automatic Industrial Front Door INSTALLATION

Wrought Iron Gates Opener installation

Most palaces in United Kingdom use a wrought iron gate opener. Because it is secure and convenient, there is no need to call the Royal Personnel or Security Guard to open the gates since there is personnel operator assigned in monitoring out palace activity. There is a video security too so that the personnel can easily check if there are suspicious individuals who are wandering around.

Most of the designs of wrought iron gate opener are customized in Britain because they are inspired by the Royal Family crown. However, according to history, wrought iron was used already many centuries ago in China but not introduced to Western Europe until European has explored the world.

Now, you can see wrought iron gates opener being used anywhere in the world especially in exclusive village to avoid blowing of horn of the car just to open the gate by somebody. Also, this kind of gate is used to avoid unwanted visitors to get inside the village’s residences and also to lessen the expense of hiring a security guard. Moreover, regardless of the weather, wrought iron gates opener are much better than any other gates.

There are many types of iron but this the only steel that has low carbon content.


Gate opener packaging and shipping


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  1. 18 months warranty.
  2. 12*7 service online, Reply in 24 hours for any technical problems.
  3. We will provide free parts for replacement if any problem belongs to us within warranty period.(delivery cost paid by customer).
  4. We will provide free backup parts come with your bulk order.
  5. The spare parts for replacement are offered based on certain charge over warranty period.


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You are here: Home Products Sliding gate opener Wrought Iron Gates Opener

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